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Axis™ Series Guitar Speaker Cabinets

The Fab Four

Axis 4 x 10 Guitar Cabinet

4 x 10 Axis Cabinet with a 50 watt Marshall Plexi Head

It all starts with the wood. In this case 4/4 flame maple

Hardwoods utilized for cabinet surrounds

Cabinets built with precision and care

Custom colors available for all cabinets

Clear white pine soundboard

Royal Red cab ready for sanding stage

Root Beer cab is ready for sanding stage

Back cutout complete

Royal Red and Root Beer cabinets back view

Ready for Lacquer

Les Paul Speaker

Jensen 10" classic mounted and ready for action

Les Paul Speaker

A fine pairing with a flame top Les Paul

Les Paul Speaker

Tiger stripe come to life

Les Paul Speaker

A match made in heaven

Flame Maple Speaker

Root Beer cabinet with a few Fender friends

Fender Speaker

Top view with a Tele and Strat

Fender Friends

Root Beer and Forest Green a perfect match for a pair of Fenders

Root Beer and Royal Red

Copper and Purple cabinet backs

Purple Heart and Birdseye maple

Purple Heart and Amber 8" cabinet

Birdseye and vintage brown with a HoTone Mojo Diamond Head

Beauty and Function

The "Cab Four" top view

Blue Velvet cabinet with 8" Jensen

Hand-rubbed ribbon-birdseye maple

Black Gold back for Blue Velvet cabinet

Custom Speaker Cabinet Builds
These speaker cabinets look great in your living room and sound even better in your guitar studio. Our unique cabinet design pushes the harshest frequencies from the speaker's voice coil back into the cone, resulting in a guitar tone that is rich, fat and pleasing to the ear.  We build  8", 10" & 12" cabinets utilizing figured-maple and other hardwoods for the surrounds and clear white pine for the speaker grille and back, achieving a cabinet that marries beauty together with functionality.

Build Types:

8 Inch
10 Inch
12 Inch
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